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Transform a dream into a reality by choosing a pre-fabricated home.  A choice between 4 different traditional, antique 


In the history of Java, omah limasan was usually possessed by the higher status families. Compared to the omah kampung, it is structurally more involved with an extended ground plan of the four-post structure. The house extension is formed by adding a pair of extra posts at each gable end. Above, the house is covered with hip roofing formed by rafters, usually of timber, that expands from the end of the ridge board to the outer posts. The extended sheet roof style features a trapezoidal longitudinal section and five roof ridges, rendering a pyramidal shape from top to down, hence the name limasan. Below the extended roof, a verandah further extends the habitable space outside the rectangular plan shaped by the inner four posts

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Joglo is a type of traditional vernacular house of the javanese people (javanese omah).the word joglo refers to the shape of the roof. in the highly hierarchical javanese culture, the type of the roof of a house reflects the social and economic status of the owners of the house; joglo houses is traditionally associated with javanese aristocrats. 

Joglo roof consists of columns that become higher as it go to the center. The four innermost main house columns are often the tallest, while the outer columns are the lowest. These four innermost house columns support a roof that is the steepest of all type of Javanese roof; almost forming a pyramid, except that it comes to two points rather than a single one. These four innermost main house columns is surmounted by a unique structural element known as tumpang sari. A tumpang sari is basically layered beams structure; the outermost band of beams support the rafters of both the upper and lower roofs, while the heavily-ornate inner band of beams create a vaulted ceiling in the form of an inverted stepped pyrami

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